Work environment and safety

Nordic Forest is proud to be able to offer our customers the entire logistics chain. It is also important to us that the work is carried out safely and that all transport and loading and unloading take place in accordance with current safety regulations.


We operate our own trainsets and hire dozens of trucks full-time. Whatever your need, we can respond quickly, securely and flexibly to meet your delivery requirements. Read more below about the safety rules that apply at terminals, loading zones and quays.


  • When staying in the area, you must first have read the applicable safety instructions
  • Entry prohibited to unauthorized

  • Warning clothing of at least class 2, safety shoes and a helmet must always be worn by everyone in the area

  • Smoking is prohibited

  • Vehicles may not be driven above the permitted speed limit

  • Unloading and loading must take place at designated locations

  • In the event of an accident, call 112


for trotting measurement of round timber

The instructions for the trot measurement are designed according to Biometria's national regulations, for the trot measurement of round folds.

Nordic Forest mainly uses Biometria's staff/services for measurement at ports and terminals. In cases where Biometria's staff/services are not available, please contact us for further instructions.

Control of measurement and measuring equipment is provided by Biometria and compiled regularly.


Your privacy is important to us and since 2018 the EU's new data protection regulation GDPR applies.

Nordic Forest complies with applicable privacy laws and will not provide personal data to third parties without your consent. To view our full privacy policy, click the icon below.