Nordic Forest is committed to responsible and sustainable forestry

We work to ensure that the business is conducted in a manner that is as gentle as possible to the environment and at a rate that maintains its biological diversity, productivity, rejuvenation capacity and vitality.

Nordic Forest operates under the PEFC and FSC®:s chain-of-custody certification systems. This guarantees our customers that our timber and biomass is legally harvested and does not originate from illegal activities.

Sustainable Forest Management

& PEFC (PEFC/05-31-313) and

FSC® (FSC-C089427) Compliance

As a procurer of forest raw materials, Nordic Forest ensures that we comply with current legislation and with PEFC and FSC®:s requirements and intentions. We also ensure that purchased raw materials do not come from illegal logging or controversial sources.


As a buyer and seller of forest raw materials, Nordic Forest must work to ensure that operations are conducted in the most gentle way possible, for the environment and for employees.

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